About the project

Twitter is not only a social network, it is a great information source and the fastest growing search tool for news over the internet. It is much more faster then other media sources, because you can be a reader or author in a second. By this tool you can find your job or applicant easily, in very fast way and not depending on place where you currently live.

Our goal is to:

  • create unified and simple way of sharing the job offers and applications on Twitter,
  • based on these standards to allow quick and easy search for a specific job offer or request anywhere in the world.
  • offer a unique space (web site), where these information can be reached, shared and extended the overall solution by other revolutionary features.

Project manager: Imrich Tatiersky
Project partners: Patrik FojtuMonika Zbínová and Marcel Klimo
Site provider: 4invention, s.r.o.

Don’t miss the unique chance to register your agency/company and by this you’ll get an opportunity to publish your job offers in a few seconds, anywhere in the world or contact us at info@tweetjob4me.com, +421(949)10455 for more info.

To be in touch, follow our Twitter account @TweetJob4Me.